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Pure Magic... by OnceUponAKhaleesi Pure Magic... by OnceUponAKhaleesi
Registered Name: Rune Magic
Barn Name: Rune
Gender (mare, gelding, or stallion): Stallion
Personality: Rune is slightly unpredictable, but he is very gentle when he is around his people ( Kaylee and Dom and those he knows they are friends too). When he chooses too he can use thought speak to comunicate with the humans around him and Kaylee believes this to be a part of the magic of the Rune's on his body... Rune has only sired one foal to date owned by The-White-Cottage due to his unpredictable nature... Although he is unpredictable Rune is never an aggressive or mean horse he just tends to be more skittish
Breed: Elemental Frisian
Age (No younger than 5 for breeding stallions and mares): 8
Birthday: June 14, 2003
Color: black body with white mane and tail
Markings: Silvery rune marks that glow in the dark all over his body.
Discipline: Dressage, liberty, Trail and trick riding
Passable Traits: Mysterious glowing markings. Use of magic and ability to manipulate flames without getting burned.
Sire: Frisian Elemental: Raven's Dream
Dam: Frisian Elemental Mare: MoonShadow
GrandSire: Druid's Mark
GrandDam: Empress Larken
Bloodlines: Second Generation Frisian Elemental Stallion
Offspring: Tān Arian (means 'silver fire' in Welsh )
Sire: Rune Magic
Dam: Neige d'Été ( Summer Snow in French)
For stud/lease: available for both

She adjusted his name plate on his stall door as she walked back in the barn after letting him out into the paddock to romp. She could feel the presence of the power which he leaves behind him everywhere he goes and it made her skin tingle and vibrate.

"The breed still fascinates you doesn't?" a familiar voice said and Kaylee turned to see Rowan standing in the drive. Kaylee laughed and went to hug her old friend.

"You know it... Every time I go out to find new blood I find something new. Would you like to see him?"

Kaylee led Rowan to the large pasture to the left of the barn and let out a shrill whistle similar to how Gandalf called Shadowfax. Like out of a dream the dark and mysterious animal stormed swiftly up the hill, looking as if he could take flight at any moment, His white mane and tail catching the sun just right making it look like silk. Rowan caught a glimpse of the runes here and there as the sun bounced off his body. As he skidded to a halt before them he let out a shrill whinny.

"Very nice... Is he an Elemental?" Rowan asked as the big Stallion came over to check her out.

"I believe so I believe some where in his bloodline there is an elemental. He is defiantly a Frisian though so I'm not too sure how to categorize his registration and the funny thing is... his markings glow so that's something new for me all together." kaylee replied

" Well you are the head of the Elemental Registry so I'm sure you will figure something out... So what's his name"

Kaylee smiled and patted the horse on the neck... " His name is Rune Magic and boy does he show his magic side... Often"

Both woman laughed as the large stallion began to show off his markings glinting in the shadows.

line art by :iconchildofatlas:</b.
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October 11, 2011
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